Welcome to Princess Nat's Riddle pages :) She doesn't know these exist, so tread quietly!

Note down the answer to every riddle, and at the end you put the complete answer into the box on the SOLVED IT page to access the secret page at the end!

There are 34 levels to this riddle and each answer will be presented to you in the order that it will be needed to be added to the URL at the end. Some of you may notice the pattern in the answer and can skip the last few stages - Feel free to do so :). This probably means that you might be able to get to the end by doing only 28-30 of the 34 levels. But they are all there in case you want to work through them all! It is up to you...

You will HAVE to complete at least 27 of the 34 riddles, so to help out at the point I will place a link back to here in case you think you have solved it :) I would REALY RECOMMEND completing the whole 34 riddles though so you are SURE that you have the correct answer.

To begin, click on the link: START THE RIDDLE!

If you think you have solved the riddle, click this link: I HAVE SOLVED IT!

Good luck!! :)