Welcome to the 1-Page-Oneder!

Yes this will be annoying - when you click "Check" the answers disappear, so you have to keep typing them in, and as a result you don't know which ones are correct or incorrect!
Yes this is difficult - some of the questions are hard, some are easy but you have to try and keep track of which answers are correct and which are not.

Also, to make it even harder, the questions don't line up with the answer boxes! I wont tell you which boxes go with which questions, but if you look hard enough you can quite easily find that out for yourself :)

I have been kind in this riddle, so that answers in the form of small numbers (e.g. 1-20) can be input either as "5" or "five" - both will work. However, larger numbers (21+) such as "206" or "82" will only work as "206" or "82" and NOT "two hundred and six" or "eighty two".

Good luck!! :)

Question 1: What's the name of Tintin's dog?

Question 2: How many degrees are there in a triangle?

Question 3: What is the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle with side lengths 12 and 35?

Question 4: Most codes are systematic. Bearing this in mind, can you solve the following cipher: "RXRSDLZSHB = ??????????"

Question 5: In a farmyard there are several pigs and cows. Each cow can see as many cows as pigs, but each pig can see twice as many cows as pigs. How many cows and pigs are there altogether?

Question 6: If 6 dogs can eat 6 cans of dog food in 1/10th of an hour - How many dogs would it take to eat 100 cans of dog food in 6000 seconds?

Question 7: What do you get if you multiply all the non-negative integers less than 10 together (numbers > -1 and < 10)?

Question 8: If there are 3 apples and you take away 2, how many do you have?

Qurstion 9: Pick ANY number and square it, add ten times the original number, add 25, square root the number (rounding to the nearest whole number e.g. 5.4=5, 5.5=6), subtract your original number = ???

Question 10: Pigpen cipher:

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